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At Inception Electrical, we are master electricians dedicated to creating a remarkable lighting design experience for your home.

Your space reflects your identity and values, and we're here to help make it comfortable and inviting. With our friendly approach, we collaborate with you to craft premium lighting solutions that are both beautiful and functional.

As a local, community-oriented business, we're committed to your future. From concept to completion, count on us by your side, every step of the way.
01 Expert advice
With our skilled team, we ensure your electrical needs are met with confidence. Trust us for precision and success.
02 Quality products
We use only products we trust in our own homes and provide a 2-year labour warranty, giving you trust and peace of mind.
03 Attention to detail
At Inception Electrical, we prioritise the small things. With a keen focus on detail and listening to your input, we deliver exceptional results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a Master Electrician?

Master Electricians electricians maintain industry standards. Thorough testing, certification, and a $20,000 workmanship guarantee for quality residential work. Safety is prioritised.

Do you do lighting design?

Yes. All the lighting design is done in house with the latest trends and styles. Digital and clean designs, extensive fitting options to match your budget. Book a consultation at our design studio.

What's the craziest light fitting you have ever installed?

At Inception Electrical, we have installed unique and creative light fittings, including a custom Rams head LED pendant, toilet chandeliers, and a mechanical moving elephant. We welcome your extraordinary ideas!

What can I expect with Inception Electrical?

We have broken it down into stages:
1) Meet at the design studio to discuss products and recommendations.
2) Receive updated electrical plans and pricing.
3) Conduct on-site electrical walkthrough.
4) Perform pre-wire with neat and labeled cables.
5) Cut holes in Gib board for lights and check flush boxes.
6) Install lights and switches, test installation.
7) Walkthrough and demonstrate functionality and get your full approval.

Tell me about the Inception Electrical team?

With a combined experience of over 45 years in the electrical industry , owners of Inception Electrical Davey and Lenny certainly have the experience and know-how for anything electrical. With the help of an operations manager and a mix of 10 guys and girls on the tools we are ready to tackle any challenge from big to small.

What should I consider for my bathroom lighting? 

Cover all scenarios with general, vanity, and feature lighting design. Minimise shadows on the face. Also indirect lighting and motion-activated mini lights for nighttime convenience. Visit our design studio to see more options.

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