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Welcome to Inception Electrical's Design Studio, where clients and partners get the opportunity to see how their project will come to life.  Join us in a visual feast and make the most informed decisions for your space.

Our one-of-a-kind space is revolutionary in New Zealand lighting design, linking all aspects of your project together. Come in and experience what full smart home functionality really looks like.
01 book in a time
Reach out, and we'll schedule a time for your visit. We will have a chat about your goals and take the opportunity to interact with our advanced systems at the Design Studio.
02 come in and explore
Join us at our studio office where we'll direct you to the design studio. We'll initiate the session with a few questions before letting you explore independently, with our support.
03 Expert consultation
With our expertise, we'll provide tailored suggestions based on your needs. Finally, working collaboratively, we'll devise a robust strategy for the future.

What else to consider?

Explore a selection of our carefully curated capabilities and scenarios to inspire your ideas.

Bathroom mode.

From vanity lighting that accentuates your morning routine to shower and bath lighting that oozes atmosphere. Our design studio unravels the secrets to creating ambiance.

Movie mode.

Our design studio extends its expertise to curate the perfect home cinema setup, blending cutting-edge audio technology with smart lighting to amplify the audio-visual excellence.

Holiday mode.

When you're not at home, lights can turn on and off to give the illusion you are home.  Automated blinds also create the illusion of activity, deterring intruders and ensuring peace of mind.

Entertainment mode.

Immerse guests in superior audio quality, strategically placed speakers, and dynamic lighting solutions, ensuring an unforgettable hosting experience.

Full smart home automation.

Discover a new era of living with our smart home technology, powered by the globally acclaimed KNX software.

Join us for an insightful journey through the basics, immersing yourself in the groundbreaking capabilities of home automation.

Why automate?
- Enhanced security
- Customisable scenes
- Increased property value
- Visual ambiance
- Energy efficiency

Audio - The right speakers in the right places.

Tailoring audio perfection within your home is a nuanced skill. Through meticulous planning and experience we've fine-tuned the placement of our audio systems, promising an unparalleled environment.

Why utilise the design studio?
- Expert guidance
- Immersive demos
- Custom solutions
- A vast array of products to suit your budget

We work in with your builders.

We are more than happy to accommodate any previous agreements you may have with your builders and are always eager to work to your needs to get the job done. You can trust that we can adapt to any project of any size.

We provide:
- Adaptability to your situation
- We can simply consult and provide design services
- Work and collaborate with your builders
- Fast, reliable communication with all parties

See it
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Turn your house into a home with Inception Electrical. Come in and see our design studio to experience everything we have on offer.

We work in all areas, from audio, lighting, smart-home functionality and much more. Design a home you’ll love with the design studio.

What our clients say.

We love our clients and value their feedback. Constantly striving for perfection and taking on board learning opportunities.